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INTENSIFY is a robust blend of nine beneficial microbial organisms. They are counted as CFU’s, or Colony Forming Units per Gram of Calcium. In microbiology, a colony-forming unit (CFU) is used to estimate the number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample.

At initial application, INTENSIFY sparks a reaction that activates the entire microbial soil population. INTENSIFY is an energy rich food source for soil microbes. It contains protein meals and carbohydrates, which provides the nutrition to explode the native soil microbial levels. The INTENSIFY organic ingredients are converted into more soil microbes.

Deeper Dive

In alkaline or neutral soils, as calcium and phosphate are simultaneously released, they tend to bind and form insoluble calcium phosphate. This calcium phosphate cannot be utilized by a plant and must be mineralized by soil microorganisms to be plant available.

FACT: In acidic soils, calcium can become completely unavailable.

Humic Acid is widely used for nutrient retention. Yet,

1. At typical application rates, this effect will be minimal.

2. Any results will be short lived once soil acid impacts the application.

Humic acid is a complex carbon source for beneficial soil microbes. It is primarily utilized by fungi as a carbon source.

But if there is little active or healthy microbial activity in the soil, the label rates will have little effect on soil biology. You can’t activate what’s not present in the first place.

The soil organisms in INTENSIFY BioCatalyst will produce organic acids which solubilizes the calcium phosphate and essentially splits them back into soluble calcium & soluble P.

The solubilization process will also increase availability of inorganic K, Fe, Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu by acting upon insoluble synthetic compounds in soil profile and making them plant available.


Benefits for Plant & Soil

1) Nitrogen Fixation – Intensify contains 3 species of nitrogen fixing bacteria, which convert atmospheric nitrogen into plant available nitrogen.

2) Less Ethylene Stress – beneficial bacteria species in Intensify control ethylene stress. High ethylene levels inhibit root growth and results in ethylene stress.

3) Less Disease Pressure – the multiple species in Intensify produce antifungal compounds which are antagonistic to turf pathogens that cause problems like dollar spot, brown patch, summer patch, and more.

4) Preventing Abiotic Stress – multiple species produce phytohormones which provide turf with increased resistance to drought, temperature extremes and excessive foot traffic.

5) Improved Soil Structure – the microbial formula in Intensify improves soil conditions by enhancing soil structure through –

  • polysaccharide production
  • buffering soil pH
  • increasing humus levels

In short, INTENSIFY works with nature to promote a sustainable environment that builds plant & soil health.

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