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How this Farm Equipment Can Change Your Life!

Having the right tools to get the job done is the greatest feeling! This magical farm equipment will change your life out in the field!   Flower Hill Farm recently purchased a compact raised mulch layer and used it with a biodegradeable plastic film called Bio 360 (which is made out of corn and guarantees complete biodegradation in soil without any toxic residues!) .  What was the result?  A 95 foot row was layed down in 4 minutes! This life changing mulch...

Premium Professional Potting Mix

Sungro's Sunshine Mix #1 is a premium professional potting mix formulated for Plant Propagation, Transplants, and Floriculture. It is especially recommended for growing Hemp, Vegetables, and Floral crops. It contains Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss, Dolomitic Limestone, Long-Lasting Wetting Agent, RESiLIENCE®, and Perlite. Available at Progressive Grower in 2.8 cu ft loose and 3.8 cu ft bales! Crop: Vegetables Seeds or Cuttings Perennial Liner/Propagation Trays Hemp Hanging Baskets Foliage Plants Cultivation Cell Packs/Flats Bedding Plants Usage: Propagation Transplants Floriculture See all SunGro Products

Decorative Pots & Containers

From decorative conical baskets with a metal frame to pre-formed replacement coco nest liners, at Progressive Grower you'll find indispensable grower products and supplies for your nursery or garden center. You'll find the following trusted brands for containers, hanging baskets, deck pots, grow pans and more: Dillen-ITML Koba Landmark Plastic Multi-Formes