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The use of Surround® WP product in agricultural crop protection

Surround® WP crop protectant’s super-fine kaolin clay forms a physical barrier when mixed with water and sprayed on plants. It acts as a broad spectrum agricultural crop protectant for controlling damage from various insect and disease pests, growth enhancer, and as a protectant against sunburn and heat stress. Surround WP suppresses a wide range of insects including: Japanese, bean, potato and cucumber beetles, apple maggots, coddling moths and more. Also protects from pear psylla, cedar apple rust, powdery mildew and sooty blotch. Does not affect honeybees, earthworms or beneficial insects.

Surround® WP

Instructions for using a backpack or handheld sprayer: 

•  Mix 1/4 to 1/2 lb (approximately 3 cups) of Surround WP per one gallon of water. If your sprayer is not easy to shake, premix in a container and pour the mixture into your sprayer.

•  Add the powder slowly to approximately 1/4 of the water you will be using, stir and mix well by shaking vigorously for 30 seconds.

•  Add the remaining water and shake for an additional 30 seconds.

•  Shake the sprayer occasionally during application.

•  Thoroughly coat all leaf and fruit surfaces until they appear white.

•  When finished, spray until the sprayer is empty and flush the system. Leftover mix can be used within 2 weeks to avoid spoilage.


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