VCC Fort Vee Potting Soil

VCC Fort Vee Potting Soil


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All Purpose Compost-Based Potting Mix

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All Purpose Compost-Based Potting Mix


Fort Vee is a compost-based potting mix that is excellent for seed starting in soil blocks. This living soil holds its shape after being blocked, even through repeat waterings.


Fort Vee also excels as a germinating and potting-up mix for trays, plugs, and potted plants.  Professional growers rely on Fort Vee for sustained nutrition and exceptional texture to grow vibrant, sturdy transplants. 


When you transplant a seedling grown in Fort Vee into your field or greenhouse, you improve your soil health by adding slow-release minerals, mature compost, and a healthy community of bacteria and fungi to your beds. 


Fort Vee or Fort Light? While both are excellent choices for seed starting and potting up, most growers have a preference between the two. You may want to choose Fort Vee if you are looking for a robust soil mix that will retain moisture and perform well in soil blocking and larger-celled trays. 


All ingredients used in Fort Vee have been approved for certified organic production. Vermont Compost Company’s composting process meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standard requirements and their products are approved by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification branch of NOFA-VT.


For specific questions about formulation or to receive a copy of Vermont Compost Company’s approval for use on organic farms, contact VCC at [email protected].


Suggested Uses:

Seed germination in trays and plugs

Soil blocking

Transplanting and potting up vegetable, flower, and cannabis starts

Potting houseplants